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Sale I Just Wanna Sip Coffee And Pet My Dog
Sale Some People Don't Believe In Heroes But They Haven't Met My Daughter!
Sale Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down
Sale Shhh... Almost... Now You May Speak.
Sale I Am A Writer Anything Your Say Or Do May Be Used In A Story
Sale Cats Make Me Happy. You, Not So Much
Sale She Asked Me To Whisper Three Sexy Words In Her Ear, So I told Her.. "I'm A Cop."
Sale If It Involves Mountains, Breakfast Food, Coffee, Or Campfires, Count Me In.
Sale You Have The Same Amount Of Hours In A Day As Beyonce
Sale Don't Worry, I'm A PhD. Yep, A Professional Hairdresser
Sale Dachshund Through The Snow
Sale All I Need Today Is A Little Bit Of Coffee And A whole Lot Of Jesus
Sale Espresso Patronum!
Sale I'm A Math Teacher Of Course I Have Problems
Sale Schist Happens
Sale World's Okayest Firefighter
Sale I'm Not Arguing. I'm Explaining Why I'm Right.
Sale Listen, Honey, The Title Is Social Worker Not Miracle Worker
Sale World's Okayest Paramedic
Sale I Became A Social Worker For The Money And Fame
Sale Lord, Give Me Coffee To Change The Things I Can. And Please Give Me Wine To Accept The Things I Can't.
Sale Only The Best Dads Get Promoted To Grandpa
Sale Arguing With A Firefighter Is Like Wrestling A Pig In Mud Sooner Or Later You Realize That They Like It
Sale Screw Your "Lab Safety" I Want Super Powers
Sale Addicted To Pot
Sale Socialize
Sale Lawyer Because Badass Isn't An Official Job Title
Sale Most People Never Meet Their Heroes, I Was Raised By Mine. - Firefighter
Sale The One The Only The Legend Has Retired
Sale mombie
Sale I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar
Sale The Mountains Are Calling
Sale I Love My Granddaughter To The Moon & Back
Sale World's Okayest Pharmacist
Sale World's Okayest Therapist